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Awaken Personal Growth

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Living on purpose

Daily Inspiration

Just as we feed our bodies with healthy foods, our spirit needs daily refueling as well. You will find a fresh daily inspiration here every morning.

Weekly posts

As I blog about my transformation , it is my intention to share my self help resources and lessons so that you too can create a path of personal growth and deeper connection to yourself.

my rituals that keep me in tune

Having a daily routine is one of personal growth fundamentals. It is my hope to inspire your transformation by sharing my self help.

Conscious living tips

Being is about awareness. We don't know what we don't know and transformation starts with noticing. I will share my newest and best self help tips to support you with your personal growth as you step into a conscious, cruelty free, sustainable Lifestyle. 

"My life is my message"

- Ghandi

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Why "Being Mary"?


be·ing- in other words existence

The  transformation into Being Mary has begun when the act of Being started to surpass the doing.  My life up until recently has revolved around performing. My joy and acceptance was directly related to the level of my results. While our results are a great indicator of what is and isn't working in our lives, it is not who we are. The purpose for creating this self help platform, is for you to be able to initiate your personal growth, learn that who you are is enough and always remember that no result can ever change that.