Awaken Personal Growth

June 2020


May 2020


A must read! It goes deeper than the surface and speaks to your soul. And if like me, you choose to get the Audible version, you will literally have Eckhart speak to your soul. I have been a fan of Tolle ever since I first came across "A New Earth - Awakening Your Life's Purpose". And I truly believe that I have been doing so thereafter. 

The Power of Now dives deep into who you are, what you are not and answers the most intimate questions about existence you may ever had. It provokes a sense of peace, and not in a "self-help fix" kind of way, which some books tend to do in my opinion, but on a core, existential level you may never have expected  to exist.

Every time I turn to this audible version, it takes me there right away. By "there" I mean, the stillness that lays in the present moment.  It is a gentle reminder of how best to move through life and truly experience the power of NOW. It teaches one to tap into the awareness that we are and notice the strategies of the mind to get us off balance.  It is a blessing to have come across this book and so I highly recommend it. Otherwise it would not be on this list, I promise ;) 

“The moment that judgement stops through acceptance of what it is, you are free of the mind. You have made room for love, for joy, for peace.”
― Eckhart Tolle

April 2020

A Tribe called Bliss has been a savior and savor for the month of April and these uncertain times of a global pandemic. That being said, what better time to pick up a book? This is one of those jewels you get to pick up in order to start creating Bliss in your life. This book is designed to build your Tribe and is unlike any other book I have ever read due to its very exact instructions as to how to build your Tribe meetups.


When I first picked up this book with my group of my girlfriends -with whom now I meet twice a week via Houseparty- thanks to the pandemic, I started judging it prematurely and thought it might be too "on the surface". You see I love, studying books like " Women Who Run With The Wolves", a deeply phycological one, or "A Course In Miracles", a deeply spiritual text. So this "bliss" topic seemed slightly too "pink" for me. 

But low and behold, the chapter we are now on, is "Meet Your Soul". So while Lori starts off on the lighter side, I have to say she gets you deep in there before you know it.

In the process of reading the chapters and doing my "Soul Assignments" I have gotten to know myself and my girlfriends on a deeper and more profound level than I could have ever expected. The topics cover absolutely vital aspects of our lives such as boundaries, authenticity, and forgiveness. The book takes you through a journey from building your foundation in self-love, forgiveness, reclamation, to rewriting your story in gratitude and faith to push forward and keep growing into a better version of yourself every singe day while honoring the perfection that you are today.

"Every day I practice letting go of the expectation that I need to meet everyone else's. The more "me" that I can be, the more I understand that freedom comes from acceptance of self-as-is, and acceptance of what is." ― Lori Harder


March 2020


Mary Magdalene Revealed is one of my TOP 10 books of all time must reads if you are on the journey back to yourself or simply want to explore "Christianity we haven't tried yet" in Meggan Watterson's words. The intimate love story of Jesus and Mary opens up a new dimension of the messages and lessons we haven't heard before. Meggan devoted her whole life to learning Mary and so it is her life's work in this one book. The love transpires right through as I listen to the authors devoted words and teachings. Tune into the blog post and comment your thoughts on this book as you go through it.

I could quote every single word Meggan writes, as she chooses her stories wisely. There are no fillers or empty words within the entire book. Here is just one taste of what it is to dive into this bible:

"We don't have to compromise, eve, and settle for an "almost" version of who we are. We don't have to conform to some external truth, some version of someone else is telling us is better, or more right, more holy, more human. 

We don't have to fit in.

Isn't that the most blessed thing we could ever be told, or could ever remember?" 

― Meggan Watterson